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One of the things you will find on this website is several different ways of describing CranioSacral Therapy~ the foundation for the bodywork that I do. Even those of us who are practitioners of this amazing therapy find ourselves describing it a bit differently every time! I hope this will be a good starting point for you. There’s also a page on SomatoEmotional Release. It is vital to the work of an advanced practitioner of CranioSacral Therapy.

Reading descriptions doesn’t tell the whole story. Trust that in the hands of an experienced and highly trained practitioner, a session is something most everyone will enjoy and can benefit from. I’d guess 99% of the recipients are NOT disappointed. Rather they are in awe of the experience because so much can happen with such a light touch!!

Note: The body follows directions of the Central Nervous System. By releasing restrictions in the body that hinder the Central Nervous System, your whole body is able to function at a higher level.

If your body is functioning at a higher level everything about you will be functioning at a higher level and with more ease.

I hope you take the time to read some of the personal stories from clients and comments on their experiences in the section entitled: “What Clients Say”.

This has always been very exciting work. It gets more exciting all the time. One reason I get so excited is a greater and greater level of awareness as I put my hands on. The other is seeing people become pain free and leaving with this kind of surprised, self-satisfied smile on their face. Another is that often people find answers they have been looking for and many experience illuminating moments that truly lighten their life.

I am also making available to my clients an opportunity to do transformational work ~ a work that takes them from the point of their inner pain to the center of who they really are to what they choose to do to really LIVE from that place of who they truly are. This is a quick, focused, dynamic process that can be very exciting and deep and revealing. I rely totally on the Holy Spirit's guidance as always, as I work. It's great fun!!!

I would enjoy meeting you over the phone and answering questions about the support you can receive here.




Advanced CranioSacral Therapy

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